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T I M B E R  V A S T I N E

Junior 3 Stylist


Hi!  I’m Timber, and I’d like to tell you about my passion for hair and why it began at a very young age. My mom was a stylist for over 20 years, and I loved watching hair videos with her and learning about the beauty industry. Being able to connect and make new friendships while also being an artist every day is an absolute dream come true.


In 2019 I graduated from Gary Manuel Aveda Institute, and from there, I did two different internships that molded me into the stylist and artist I am today.


My style is 50% girly and 50% grunge. I love wearing dresses and sparkles all over, but I’ll be Vans or Dr. Martens and covered in tattoos! A quote I like is, “I’m here for a good time, not a long time!”


The best compliment I’ve ever received was that I am easy to get along with and I’ve heard that from several clients. Not only do I love making my clients happy, but also making them comfortable while in my chair. Silence does not bother me so if you want a quiet and relaxing appointment just ask and I’ll make that happen for you. If you want to talk about something in your life and spill some tea, I’m also down for that, too!  Looking forward to meeting new  connections while I bring out the best in your hair.

Phone: 253-272-0378 ex 709


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