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m e g a n  c r a i g

SENIOR stylist


Hi! My name is Megan and I just moved back into the Tacoma area back in February and couldn’t be more thrilled to be back after living in Destin, Florida. 


I’ve always had a passion for hair which started growing up with my aunt in the beauty industry. She was and is such a massive inspiration to become involved in this amazing industry. Hair is something I enjoy because I love making people feel comfortable in their own skin and walking out with a smile that tells a story. There is no such feeling I can explain about putting your hard work into someone’s hair and watching your client glow with a new found confidence! The other side of this industry I love is the science and chemistry for hair which people don’t see that I always found fascinating!


I moved to Rexburg Idaho back in January of 2019 for Cosmetology school and graduated later that year in December. After graduating I was offered a job in Destin, Florida and that’s where I officially started working in the beauty industry. The transition to moving to Florida was not easy, little did I know, covid was creeping up around the corner in March. That said, Covid did not stop me from being successful! After two months of being shut I than hustled and worked my hardest and decided to invest in myself. The first thing I sank my teeth into was starting extensions where I am happy to say I’m now certified in the Invisible Bead Method!


Besides the love I’ve always had for hair, I was raised with a very musical childhood which has helped build the artist in me.  My mom was raised in a band with her family growing up and that was passed on to my siblings and I. When I was in high school, I also preformed Broadway shows for our school choir program. This gave me the opportunity to sing in Carnegie Hall my senior year with my choir.  This was a once in a life time feeling and a completely surreal experience that I’ll never forget.  Being raised a Navy brat I moved around every 2-3 years, this has given me travel bug and it’s no joke! I’ve had the privilege to live in some amazing destinations like Sasebo Japan, Honolulu Hawaii and Destin Florida. Those are the top 3 places that I feel have impacted me the most in my life and thankful for the memories.   Hawaii is also very special to me considering I was born in Tripler, the big pink hospital in Honolulu that you just can’t miss 


I truly look forward to working with my current and future clients and growing more in the beauty industry. This industry has shown me how hard work can pay off and I’m looking to put my skills to the test.  My number one goal is to always make sure my clients leave with a smile on their face. You can always count on a good laugh with being in my chair along with a shampoo that greets you to the gates of heaven!

Phone: 253.272.0378 ex 705


Instagram: roseymeg_hair

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