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V A N E S S A  F R A N K




My name is Vanessa and I just moved to Tacoma from a small town in Missouri called Rich Fountain and couldn’t be more thrilled! I’ve been traveling for the past 2 months with my best friend and her cat through 11 states in our vintage camper we renovated ourselves to get us to the Northwest. We get asked A LOT why we moved here and the simple answer is we wanted somewhere on the west coast, close to the ocean, with some mountains and just like that we found our home 

I’ve been part of the beauty industry and styling hair since 2016 and love it.  What I specialize in; blonding, balayage, highlights, corrective colors and updos.  However, I feel my passion for hair started in my childhood. I was constantly getting in trouble for doing my own hair or others while in class. This even extended into kindergarten where I cut off a friends braided pig tails so… really, I’ve had years of practice!

I’m extremely excited join the Dolce fam and hopefully to meet you soon in my chair!
To see my work please search @van3ssa.stylist on Instagram. You can make an appointment with me on our online booking, calling the salon or direct message me on Instagram. 

Phone: 253-272-0378

Instagram: @van3ssa.stylist

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